Technology of HTA.

To produce High Quality products at Competitive prices combined with on time delivery strictly adopting environmental friendly processes.

Rubber Seals

Automobile, Motorcycle

Performing design development of a high quality oil seal of developing new materials based on the Technology for Motorcycle & Cars…

Aluminium Die Casting

New material, New development

High quality, complex die cast components catering to two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and other automotive/non-automotive parts.

Rubber Products

Auto Casting Products

To Create The Best Technology Base Globally

The Manufacturing facilities incorporate modern technologies and highly efficient production processes, and are certified to the highest quality and safety standards specified by the Automotive Industry.

Function of Oil seal

Arai Oil seal performs the function of sealing oils, greases and other types of lubricating fluids that are essential to keep the moving parts cool…

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Sealing Technology

In order to reduce frictional resistance of sliding parts, we manufacture products featuring Arflon molded integrally with the rubber lip tip.

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Environmental Initiatives

To reduce CO2, by providing low friction products, improve fuel efficiency and emission reduction. With active use of renewable energy…

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Active use of Renewable Energy

We are committed to maintain and enhance the Brand Value of our Company by continuous effort endeavor towards the achievement of evolving

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The Company manufactures a range of Sealing system parts for the Automotive Industry