We are NABL Laboratory Accredited Precision Calibrators / Consultants and provide quality Thermal Calibration Services like Thermocouple And RTD Sensor Calibration, Furnace Temperature Uniformity Survey For Batch And Continuous Furnace, Climatic Chamber Temperature Humidity Calibration Services, Infrared Thermometer, Gun Calibration Service, Oven Temperature Calibration Services, Bath Temperature Calibration Services, Refrigerator Temperature Calibration Services, Temperature Sensor Calibration Services, Thermohygrometer Humidity Calibration Services, Temperature Uniformity Study Calibration Services, Furnace Temperature Calibration Services, Instruments Calibrated Services, Master Instruments

Thermocouple And RTD Sensor Calibration (-) 196 to 1200°C

Temperature sensors are widely used in industry for measurement and controlling the process and production quality checks. Depending on the temperature range and required precision either thermocouples or RTD sensors are selected. Thermocouples are available in variety of configuration like J, K, R, S, T, N, E type etc and is formed with 2 elements / legs made up of two dissimilar materials. Classification J, K, T, E, N is termed as Base Metal thermocouple and are used in lower and moderate high temperatures whereas R, S type are termed as Noble Metal thermocouples. Noble metal sensors are used for high temperature measurements.

RTD work on a basic relation between metals and temperature. Resistance of metal to the electricity flow increases with rise in temperature. Similarly, as the temperature of the RTD resistance element increases, the electrical resistance, measured in ohms (?), increases. RTD elements are commonly specified according to their resistance in ohms at zero degrees Celsius. The most common RTD specification is 100 ?, which means that at 0°C the RTD element should demonstrate 100 ? resistances. RTD sensors are formed in 2, 3 and 4 wire configuration. 4 wire configurations is precise and accurate over 3 wires.

At Calitron we calibrate temperature sensors from (-) 196 °C to 1200°C with reasonably lower measurement uncertainty.

Furnace Temperature Uniformity Survey For Batch And Continuous Furnace As Per AMS2750E,
Climatic Chamber Temperature Humidity Calibration Services As Per DKD R5-7

When working with heat-treating furnaces, nothing is more important than validating your equipment to ensure uniformity, reliability and repeatability. We carry out Furnace survey (TUS and SAT) and compliance of CQI-9. This will help you in timely detection of potential problem in the furnace which could lead to possible rejection of treated parts and loss of production hours. Based on TUS reports it is possible to prejudge and plan the maintenance and corrective actions avoid costs and down time.

Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) is a systematic process of real time measurement of temperature and variations and gradient within entire work zone volume of the furnace. Since this covers the whole volume it is easily possible to identify cold spots. End use of TUS is to establish timely maintenance which eventually elongates life and performance of the heat treatment furnace and enhances confidence in the treatment process.

Other forms of furnace validations include System Accuracy Tests (SAT). Typically SAT is performed periodically to establish the accuracy of the control thermocouple.

On similar lines Climatic chambers are widely used for conducting various tests in the test lab for function and type verification which is a key for Design validation. If performance of Chamber is unpredictable, decisions will be directly affected.

At Calitron we undertake Furnace survey work for Batch type , Continuous furnace, pit type furnace, tempering furnace, sealed quench (SQF) furnace, paint booths, based on AMS2750E. Temperature may vary from 150°C to 1200°C.

We can calibrate the Climatic Chambers for temperature and from (-) 196°C, -80°C to high temperature required, and humidity from 20% to 95% using wireless dataloggers, multiple sensors placed at strategic locations

For such type of complex work we use corded sensors and wireless data loggers depending on the range to be calibrated

Infrared Thermometer, Gun Calibration Service 50 to 1200°C

At Calitron we calibrate infrared thermometers, infrared pyrometers, temperature guns from 50 to 1200°C.

Oven Temperature Calibration Services from 20 to 400°C

Assisted by our affluent industry indulgent and proficiency in this arena, we are able to provide Oven Temperature Calibration Service. Provided services are imparted by adroit personnel who hold vast knowledge in their respective realm that assists them in imparting these services in a well-organized way.

Bath Temperature Calibration Services - Liquid Bath From (-) 80 to 400°C

We are amid one of the renowned names involved in presenting to our clients Bath Temperature Calibration Service. So as to attain the ample gratification of our patrons, a crew of dexterous personnel confirms to render these services as per the information given by our patrons. To add, the provided services are imparted to our clients within the pre-determined span of time.

Refrigerator Temperature Calibration Services

Our firm has made unbelievable breakthrough in the providing Refrigerator Temperature Calibration Service service. Attributed for its flexibility and reliability, these services are broadly demanded. More to this, we deliver these to our clients after understanding their budgetary requisites. Clients can acquire these services at most affordable rates.

Temperature Sensor Calibration Services

Backed by massive industry proficiency, we are involved in presenting to our customers? world class Temperature Sensor Calibration Services. So as to furnish the detailed demands of our patrons, we spend some time with our clients to understand their needs with a motive to accomplish supreme level of client satisfaction.

Thermohygrometer Humidity Calibration Services - Temperature (-) 5 to 50 °C and humidity 20% to 95%

To meet the varying desires of our clients, we are engrossed in providing highly reliable Thermohygrometer Humidity Calibration Service. Trained under the command of capable personnel, these services are broadly recommended. In addition to this, our services are offered at market leading rates.

Temperature Uniformity Study Calibration Services

Leveraging on our huge industry understanding and knowledge, we are providing Temperature Uniformity Study Calibration Service. These provided services are delivered by well-trained professionals as per set industry guidelines. Due to its perfection and promptness, this service is broadly valued by our clients.

Furnace Temperature Calibration Services

Riding on high capacities of industrial ability and understanding, we are providing top class FurnaceTemperature Calibration Service. These services are delivered in agreement with the clients? requisites to achieve client gratification. In addition, we commence these services only after identifying the given details of our clients.

Instruments Calibrated Services

Instrument Calibrated is one of the primary courses applicable to uphold instrument accuracy. It comes with the process of arranging the instrument to render an outcome for a sample within an satisfactory range. The correctness of all these measuring devices degrades over time and hence these solutions are essentially needed. These can resist normal wear and tear as well as electric or mechanical shock. Based on the sort of the instrument as well as the environment in which it is being employed, it may work very quickly or over a long passage of time. Instrument Calibrated is the preferred method of calibration that are either non-critical to excellence or are not mandatory for accreditation as well as license purposes.

Master Instruments Services

Offered Master Instruments are the precision sources that are employed to test the measurement instrument. These precision measurement devices are capable to test the sourcing instrument. These come with good metrology and incorporate a repetitive check of the lab’s standardizing instrumentation. These assist in evaluating as well as adjusting the precision and exactitude of the measurement equipment. These are intended to remove or decrease bias in the instrument’s readings over a variety for all continuous values. Master Instruments we provide are employed to test the measurement instrument. These Master Instruments are the requirements of good metrology that include the routine check of the lab’s calibrating arrangement.

At Calitron we use SPRT and Thermocouple sensors of renowned brand which is calibrated at fixed points to have better uncertainty. This is essential if you have to calibrate master instruments used as working standards in any lab. The hospital industry, the food industry, the pathological laboratories, the critical testing government laboratories can all look upto our critical measurement services.

Calibration of Precision Multiproduct Multi Parameter Calibrators

Multifunction calibrators are the do everything calibration instrument. They include very sophisticated array of electronics that allow them to very accurately read and source voltage, current, frequency, temperature and resistance signals. Owing to high accuracy of these devices it is essential that laboratory carrying calibration has adequately precise equipment which will be able to detect the errors.

At Calitron we use 4ppm stability 8½ digit multimeter calibrated by UKAS accredited laboratory for achieving minimum measurement uncertainty. Under this we cover parameters like DC Voltage, AC voltage at various frequencies, DC and AC Current, Frequency, Resistance, Temperature.

Calibration Of 6½ Digit Multimeters

Typically these instruments have basic accuracy in the range of 30ppm and above. To calibrate these devices the source of calibrator used must have stability better than specified accuracy limits.

At Calitron we undertake 6½ digit multimeter calibrations for parameters like AC /DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Frequency, Temperature using 11ppm Fluke 5522A calibrator

Power Analyser, Energy Meter, Power Clamp On Meter Calibration Services

Our firm has made unbelievable breakthrough in the providing Power Analyser Calibration Services. Attributed for its flexibility and reliability, these services are broadly demanded. More to this, we deliver these to our clients after understanding their budgetary requisites. Clients can acquire these services at most affordable rates. Lab is well equipped for calibration of energy meters, CT ( Current Transformers ) and PT ( Potential Transformers ).

At Calitron we calibrate Power Meter And Sources With High Precision. Parameters calibrated are AC and DC Power, Power Factor.

Oscilloscope, Picoscope Calibration Services up to 1 GHz bandwidth

Laboratory has an acumen to calibrate different brands of oscilloscope. Calibrating oscilloscope will maintain the integrity of R&D work. Oscilloscopes need to read data accurately. If the oscilloscope result is out-of-tolerance, then the product that is being tested will result in false results / qualification. Calibration is a proactive practice to maintain the oscilloscope in order

What to calibrate?

Since calibration is an important standard for scopes, you need to know what to calibrate. Ideally in oscilloscope calibration followings must be covered.

  •  Vertical Channels
  •  Deflection range and accuracy
  •  Horizontal Channels
  •  Time base accuracy including delay, magnification and jitter
  •  X-Axis deflection accuracy and X-Y phasing
  •  Z-Axis bandwidth

EFT And Surge Calibration Services Of EMC Generator

Multimeters Calibration Services, Resistance Calibration Services

By understanding the demands of our patrons in the best possible way, we are increasingly engrossed in offering Multimeters Calibration Service to our clients. We have Resistance Calibration Services facility from 30*10^-6 to 1*10^12 ohms. We provide calibration servises for Micro Ohm meter 30 µ?, Electrometers, Insulation Testers, Meggars, Dielectric Meters, ESD Testers, Hipot Testers, Wriststrap And Footwear Testers

Decade Resistance Box Calibration Services 30 µ? To 1T?

We provide calibration servises for Micro ohm box, High resistance decade box, decade resistance box, fixed resistances, oil filled resistances, shunts

High Voltage AC And DC Calibration Services

Power Supply Calibration Services

With thorough understanding of this business industry, we are engrossed in providing Power Supply Calibration Service to our clients. Due to personnel dedication and knowledge helps us to meet the detailed needs of the clients within the given period of time. We have adroit employees, who offer these services in agreement with the defined guidelines.