Basically we work with Customers by receiving RFQ and will submit Technical & Commercial Layouts ? upon discussions and Finalization, we develop Trial Mold and submit samples with our Rig Test report for Customer Validation and approval. On approval by OEMs, we proceed with Mass Production Toolings and start of Supplies.

Rubber compound Mixing

HTA has established one of the most advanced rubber compound mixing systems in the world. supported by Computerized Bucket Master for Mixing with Poka Yoke systems & Total FIFO method.

Rubber compound Testing Lab

All kneader mixed masterbatches & Rubber compounds are monitored closely for Quality

Metal parts preparation and treatment

HTA has Inhouse facility for the Metal insert pressing and necessary pre treatment for the Bonding process.

Moulds implements and manufacturing systems

All Moulds are designed and manufactured to High standards of precision by Arai, Japan.

Product Quality Management

HTA Inhouse Testing Facility – Rotary, Reciprocating, Muddy Water,Millipore and Valve Stem Seal Leak rate testing.

Spring manufacturing

HTA has a Inhouse Spring Manufacturing Facility

Trimming, Finishing,Cryogenic Deflashing and Inspection

Trimming & Finishing : Post Molding Processes for the Oil Seals Cryogenic Deflasing : Deflashing process for O Rings and Gaskets Visual Inspection 100 %

5S and FIFO

Poka Yoke in process 5S & FIFO at every stage of process Kaizen a continious practice